Golden Weekend Part 1 – An Artistic Weekend

Kadang gue mikir hidup tuh kog lucu banget yak.. satu saat lo merasa super down dan saat berikutnya lo super high.. satu minggu lo berasa pengen menyerah tapi di tahun berikutnya lo melihat ke belakang dan lo menemukan diri lo sendiri yang dulu itu super lucu dan bisa juga survive.

Malam ini gue niat mau ngeposting beberapa foto yang terkumpul dari 2 weekend berturut turut, yakni 2 long weekend minggu lalu dan kemarin ini. Saking senengnya gue akhir akhir ini (terlepas dari kerjaan dan urusan kantor lainnya), gue menyebut kedua minggu ini golden week, minggu minggu di mana gue terus terusan bermain. Pas gue mau ngetik titlenya di atas, gue keinget kalo nggak salah tepat setahun yang lalu gue juga pergi ke acara yang gue (hampir) datangi tahun ini, yakni Seoul Jazz Festival. Maka gue carilah postingan gue tahun lalu itu dan mendadak tersentak ketika menemukan judulnya lumayan bertolak belakang : Minggu Kematian Part One dan juga Minggu Kematian Part Two.

Ehuhehe life is funny indeed. Di saat yang sama tahun lalu gue nyaris nggak punya wiken sama sekali dan setengah mati susahnya nyari teman bermain, sementara di saat ini tahun ini gue dikasi bonus dua long weekend yang terisi dengan baik, terima kasih kepada semua kawan yang telah berpartisipasi di dalamnya hihi.

Anyway here’s what I did 2 weeks ago.. Golden Weekend part 1!


Jason Mraz Live in Seoul, the most romantic concert I’ve ever been to..


The band! (and the crowd)


Short visit to Mullae Art Village, Mullae Dong, Seoul


[문래동 – Mullae]

This is where you can find the other part of Seoul you’ve never seen before; where old, demolished houses, and graffiti and street art is around the neighborhood.


Paintings are everywhere (literally), so this place is totally recommended for those who love arts. The trip was ended by a one hour mime performance held in a small garage-look-like building (or was it really a garage?), which was surprisingly interesting! My first time watching mime actually heheh.

Oh and above is my pink umbrella ehuhehe. Seoul was raining quite hard but we managed to end the day well with an unexpectedly decent food like this..


Apple pizza and a… beef something something! Ahaha Im so bad at food and its naming but I remember they were tasty. We had a nice appetizer as well (you can see the last piece of it on my plate) which of course I also forgot the name :$ But they were all good! And all came in a big portion, so both of my belly and I were happy. Ahh and a nice red and white wine as a completion hihi.


Still on the same day, we closed the night with a nice “dessert” at a Jazz Bar!! Uyeaah heheh this is Club Evans, one of a few bars that has live jazz performance every nights in Seoul. Been there several times but this is the first time I got the perfect spot to really see what is going on at the stage (they’re usually pretty packed with people, especially on Saturdays).


On Sunday… that is what I did. Or my friends and I, to be precise heheh. We sang “Allah Sumber Kuatku/주는 나의 힘이요” at one of my friend’s Church, and this picture was taken afterwards. Video will be uploaded soon, but here’s the practice version  if you’d like to take a peek  :D


After church, I went to Seoul Folk Flea Market in Sinseol-dong with a friend only to find another beauty Seoul secretly has beyond its crowded and modern city. The market sell almost everything with relatively cheap price. I was so tempted to buy a vintage globe and also a telescope, but considering I don’t even have the space to keep them I decided to go with a shoulder leather bag. My friend and I keep joking about the name (brand) though, and I think I’ll be okay to call her the Nom Nom Bag.

Oh! Fun facts about the market, by the word “everything” I literally mean it, because before I arrived my friend found a dildo somewhere inside the building. I seriously have no idea why there is a dildo being sold in a flea market?? And is there really a person who buys dildo in a…. flea market???  Hahahah well just like my friend said, maybe there’s someone out there who really loves vintage, and take it seeeeriously..


Aaand…. to end the golden weekend…  Sigur Ros live in Seoul!!

This.. is probably the best concert experience I’ve had so far. I know I mentioned earlier that Jason Mraz concert was super romantic, but Sigur Ros.. is.. just… amazing. I think this is what they call music orgasm, where thousand of people blend in one auditorium which have been hypnotized to a magical and spectacular concert. They played only 14 songs (yes, ONLY), but it was musically heaven with visually stunning for 2 hours straight by Sigur Ros.


I could say that this is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and one incredible concert ever. And I believe my friends would also say the same :D We all felt tears, smiles, enraptured, and goosebumps spread all over into one feeling. This is incredible, hilarious, totally amazing, and beyond words.

Well to be honest for me, the whole golden weekend thing, is just beyond words. It was too amazing that I really couldn’t thank God enough for letting me have one. And even more, to let me have the other golden weekend (part two), which will be posted next time :) Good night!

ps: pictures credit to mas Noka, Randy, and 영동제일교회 (YDFC, Korea)

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